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police say when the two spotted a petrol -- patrol car, they opened fire on officers, flying bullets hit a veteran of the force. he was not seriously hurt. one man is in custody. police are working around the clock to find the second suspect. police believe a $25,000 reward will be a big incentive to get a wanted man off the streets. >> there is a reward to help solve a kidnapping of an east bay woman. pg&e offering $10,000 for information leading to the two men who kidnapped a woman in walnut creek, she's a contract worker for pg&e. this happened november 7th as she was leaving work. the men drove to several atms and withdrew money account. this is surveillance video. both described as white whales. >> students at foothill
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college shocked by an armed robbery this morning. two students crossing the foot bridge near campus center had money, cell phones and backpacks stolen by a man with a gun. police describe the robber between 18-26. >> friends and family of a bay area girl who vanished are remembering her 25 years after she disappeared. michaela garecht was kidnapped$t in 1988. her mother does this annually. xdò"iwépwdp
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chevron hoped to get it back on line next year. >> port of oakland workers will face a strike beginning at 9:00 tonight. members of the service employees international union plan to walk picket lines at the port. oakland international doesn't
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expect this to impact services. worker says they've been without a contract 16 months. >> 5,000 registered nurses will go on strike starting tomorrow. this is the latest lock out in a dispute over2zké0u8étz and benefits and sut -- cut backs. officials say they will stage a two day strike in the north bay. and a one day strike affiliated with facilitis. >> the clock is ticking to distribute thousands of turkeys to families in need. it's thanksgiving approaching. abc 7 news is live at one major center now, that is sacred heart community services. >> lines have been long all day. >> all day long to pick up their holiday food packages. this is day one of three of
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the distribution process. like most years demand exceeds you canxp@1ñ see people are comg here, cars coming through here are people donate things. other people have a little donor sign on the windshield meaning they're dropping off, they go and drop off food donations that are needed. and so we're seeing a lot of activity here, both donors as well as people picking things up. it's a remarkable process, they organized things well for many years of the process, but the need is great, especially for turkeys.. >> there is little doubt it's still a struggle. the lines to pick up food for a feast started in the morning and it grew during the day. an army of community service volunteers kept up with the crowd, distributing turkeys and all fixings to grateful
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families. >> this makes me feel grateful. and this is like. >> more food being dropped off from food drives. these are donations collected at union avenue safeway. >> i can't believe how much i have in the back of the car. so -- we can't keep up. >> the food bank is short of 3700 turkeys. it's supplyinged by 300 groups.. >> we don't need them all prior to thanksgiving. we provide turkeys throughout the season, and beyond. if we're fortunate enough to get enough. but we need more. >> students from schools got involved, filling baskets. by doing this, they can see other possibilities to help, year round. >> we've been doing turkey baskets only, now, we can do table decorations or school supplys.
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>> individual nonprofits are'r>ó accepting donations up to thanksgiving. it's what turkeys are donated they're out the door almost immediately. sacred heart says more people are being more generous than z >> thank you, david. the need is immense. we invite you to our food drink. to find more on this and a location near you just go to our web site. 49ers quarterback alex smith not going to be playing against chicago bears. apparently did not pass a concussion test required to come back on to the field. >> we thought this is going to be a go. tonight's game will be the first time they've hosted monday night football since the power outage that delayed the game.t >> abc 7 sports reporter mike
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shumann is live. i know you talked to alex a few minutes ago. and he's surprised he's not playing its interesting. i asked him what happened. he said nothing i'm all good. and seemed almost miffed he wasn't starting tonight. he was casual, looking like he's ready to go. i think the 9ers made a decision for him. i talked with other players they said he started having headaches again. so i think niners made a safe decision not to play. now, collin cappernick said he didn't find out until this morning he was going start. i talked to a few quarterbacks and steve said all collin has to do is manage the game. >> i as a competitor this, is a job i want. i want to get it faster maybe than other people feel like. so tonight, maybe i take a big
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step towards that. you've got to be careful. a great defense, when you're not ready to do that, you don't try to take from teammates. it's a great team. make sure a back up, number one, i'm not the reason that we lost. >> trent, you've played position and know what it like to start and come off the bench. what do you expect? >> i expect them to have success. i think he got rest this week. the way offense is structured it's friendly on first and second down. to not have a lot of experience first time guys. this is a heavy play action pick offense on first and second down. so you know you stick the ball in the belly of frank gore it's going to have an affect. open throwing lanes. >> i think we're going to see a lot of frank gore tonight. opposing team will be starting a back up quarterback, too, as
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jason campbell. it's going to be a battle at candle stick park. we'll have highlights and reaction from the game. reporting live, i'm mike shumann, abc 7 news. >> thank you. from former raiders starting quarterback tonight. >> one thing we know is that it's going to be great weather for the game. >> yes. here is sandhya patel. >> they're looking at temperatures into low 60s falling to upper 50s but it's going to get cool out there. radar live doppler 7 show weg do have mid and high clouds moving in. high showers have been reported around santa rosa. and we do have moisture headed this way. as a system is approaching. so... here is what it looks like now. temperatures are mild, mostly 60s at this hour. forecast looks like this tonight we're looking at a chance of showers in the north bay. temperatures into 50s. tomorrow morning rain in the north bay. by afternoon, rain will be spreading across the bay area, numbers running cooler into
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60s. i'll legality you know if wet weather will be out of here before thanksgiving in just minutes. >> thank you. >> still head on abc 7 news, die hardjg÷ shoppers making sure they're ready for deals but not everybody is happy about those sales. >> plus, world's largest chip maker looking for a new leader after the ceo unexpectedly retires. >> a 9-year-old girl became an internet sensation for football moves on the field gets a special day with the 49ers.. >> speaking of the niners we think the game is responsible for huge traffic tie ups on the right side of the screen. drivers trying to make their way south. 101 now is heavy for cars trying to crawl across the bridge.
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bhap a few shoppers are taking out a place in line for black friday deals in cases more than a week before retailers open doors but not everyone is enticed by bargains some on the other side are pushing back against store owners. abc news reporter brandy hits has more. >> the wait is on for black friday bargains. >> i wanted to get here early. >> lines are forming across the country. shoppers can't live without these deals.. >> i do it every year. and when the day comes i enjoy it into the everyone is enjoying new push by some
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stores to open thursday evening. walmart employees scheduled to work at 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving day are threatening to walk out at a thousand locations.. >> we just rema.fmvçñ respect is not hard to forget the dark side of black friday. over several years, people have been trampled getting no stores and there have been fights over merchandise. one shopper pepper sprayed a crowd last year in los angeles. >> people started screaming and kids were on the floor. >> still, 147 million americans are expected to battle crowds this year. >> i'm going to get another tv and two lap tops.. >> some hottest deals include $78 flat screen tvs in walmart and $100 digital cameras. >> there is ipad mini everybody wants. i've known five. the leap pad, two. >> and keep in mind if you
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don't want to deal with crowds a lot of discounts are online and stars like target are promising to match prices. >> and be sure to check out our web site before starting your black thursday shopping. we've compiled a list of stores open as early as thanksgiving. you can browse their black friday sales ads. it's on our web site. just look for it on under see it on tv. >> one of us will be out there. >>. what is next for ama john? and changes at intel to tell you about. >> hi, john. >> hey there, yes. change is coming to intel. the ceo says that he will retire in may. he has been ceo since 2005 and worked at the company roughly four decades, interyet hit a
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hit of -- bit of a rough patch. now there is speculation focusing on the c operating officer. that has been the traditional route for intel. most were coos before taking the top job. in a statement intel says it's going to consider internal and external candidates. today is the fifth birthday of the amazon kindel, the product that revolutionized the e book industry. one question, would amazon consider opening brick and mortar stores? something and you're not 9= not bringing a value to society. and by the way, business results aren't good for that, either.
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so we want to do something that is uniquely amazon. if we can find that idea we'd love to open physical stores. >> also saying consumers don't want gadgets they want services, that is why amazon is focused on building it's amazon live library. >> we've heard about retailers moving online. you're seeing more services going to brick and mortar route.>iñ the company opened a store can groupon colors and signature g logo. groupon says location will give a place to redeem coupe skbronz test products they offer onlinec
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former homeland9hin security secretary has been hired by new york stock exchange to investigate a possible security breech. employee dz not properly secure computer that's may have contained classified data. and carolyn, larry, back to you. >> thank you. >> the 49ers welcomed a young football star to their practice facility over the weekend. the 9-year-old running wild in utah. this is amazing speed, gained national attention. the niners were among those taking notice. they welcomed her and she got to meet players and posed for pictures with several of them. tonight gordon will be on the side lines and will meet steve young, watching monday night football. it's cute.((x
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i recommend they don't try to run her down. she's night lite ning fast, super fast. >> what an opportunity. >> yes. >> beautiful weather out there. just take a sweat shirt. it gets breezy. but dry is the key. it's not going to be dry much longer. we're seeing wet weather from our high definition camera we have a few high clouds coming through. it has been a mild afternoon temperature wise so far. let's check out live dop plef 7 now. clouds have been moving in ahead of the next storm system sprinkles around santa rosa,
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as i said. in the north bay tonight, rain spreads south tuesday. showers will be diminishing heading into wednesday. so don't worry. thanksgiving is looking great. tomorrow morning, temperatures 50s. as we look, you'll see the storm system coming. this is a slow-moving cold front. the rain begin ndz the north bay as early as this evening. you can see and just stalls there. we'll keep the rain in the north bay. then rain starts to shift south. around san francisco, wet pavement. at 5:00 p.m. rain is in the north bay. front goes through early wednesday morning.
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wednesday morning commute or get away could be dity. if you wait, you can see here a nice clearing into afternoon. we should get a break there. so, rainfall looking like this. highest north bai. two inches. a quarter to half on the peninsula. north bay, four-tenths of an inch. if you're heading to tahoe, rain at 8500 feet. down to 7500 by wednesday. if there is a rain-snow mix. high temperatures upper 50s to upper 06s, showers wednesday morning. dry thanksgiving. dry for black friday. it's looking dry for holiday weekend. nice looking weather is ahead. >> thank you. >> up next, most-fascinating people of the year. barbara walters announces part of the list. we'll let you know those on it. >> the big winners from last
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night american music association awards show. two stars who bust a move today. >> taking a look now at traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you did not have fast track you're going to be waiting so pay your tolls and make your pay your tolls and make your way, perhaps to you know how much grandma
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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it's it's that time again. barbara walters released her 10 most fascinating people list. on that list, 50 grades of gray author el james, secretary of state hillary clinton and the british boy band, one direction, she never releases who is number one on the list. you have to tune in to her special to find out. it airs december 12th here on abc 7. >> maybe it's the rapper, cy. >> could be. >> he was in the american music awards last night. >> take a look. >> this audience is getting
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into it. he has come out no wrr wr to take over the universe, he performed his hit gangnam style. >> larry was doing a reenactment a short time ago. sorry we missed it we'll post it online, you know? >> twilight final chapter going out with a bang. >> it's not the only film making a splash. >> movie goers were thrifty for more twilight over the weekend. breaking down part two sunk its huge into the record books. more than $141!r/ç million. but the record is still held by new moon. another is the live of pi. otrc caught wupt director and
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its new star. the biggest challenge in bringing this d20qv to life? >> it's in times, 12 hours we didn't get anything done. >> it was challenging you know? learn how to swim. i'd never been in the ocean before this. so learn that. on wednesday. amas are the biggest hit makers of the year including carly ray jepson. she shared the biggest surprise. >> probably the amount of work and travel involved. it's gratifying work. i'm in the complaining i enjoy it but sometimes it's up to four plane flights in one day. i never would have imagine that had. >> see what the stars whatted to say right now on >> coming up at 4:00 more explosions at gaza city today.gç
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death toll is rising. fighting now yernts a sixth day. we'll have a live report. >> and a father is accused of recruiting his two children into family business. which was bank robbery. why they did it, how they got caught. >> companies will be trying to earn your business this holiday shopping season. i'll let you know one that's
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the white house is down playing a historic visit to cambodia. the president met with the cambodian prime minister today, becoming the first u.s. nation to visit the nation. the white house describes this meeting as tense with the president voicing concerns about cambodia's human rights record. administration officials made it clear the president was only in cambodia to attend a summit. >> investigators trying to figure out who is mu lating and killing dolphins there. authorities have found several dolphins either floating in the water or washed up on beaches from louisiana to alabama. experts at the mississippi marine mammal institute hope they can determine not just
4:32 pm
how they died but whether they were tortured first. >> we have animal was bullets in them, with tails cutoff and jaws cutoff. it's heart breaking to see this senseless violence. >> investigators say because dolphins enjoy interacting with hups they fear those
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>> friends say you he fell on hard times. the children grew up near portland, oregon. >> still ahead at 4:00 weekend storm system is good news for yosemite. the rain is bringing today that hasn't happened since mid summer. oñ e where they're preparing a holiday tradition. everything that glitters inside, coming up. >> i'm sandhya patel from our camera clouds gathering rain is on the way.íozn i'll let you know when you'll need umbrellas coming up. >> taking a look at traffic now on the golden gate bridge, you can see it's perhaps heavier for cars on the right side of the screen there making their way towards marin county sailing into the city.
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stay with us. abc news at 4:00 continues right after this. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up at 5:00 terrorists or artists? taking a look at the watch that got a man arrested at oakland international airport. you'll hear from him on why he says looks are deceiving in this case. and golden crimes of opportunity for thieves. the police warning on crooks moving beyond picking
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no let up in the deadly conflict between israel and hamas. >> the israelies began a campaign on wednesday after months of rocket attacks by hamas into israel. the violence left hundreds dead. abc 7 news mark matthews is live right now where supporters of both sides are demonstrating again, outside of the israeli consulate. mark? >> this rain brought 250 behind me. tonight boy say maybe 50 or 0 tops ear in front of the clonsit calling on rail to end their military strikes in gaza. and again, on the other side of the street we're seeing pro israel democrat strailtors. i'd say maybe two dozen
4:38 pm
calling on palestinians to stop shooting rockets into israel. >> the group shows several rockets being fired towards israel. hamas fighters launched 500 in the past six days including 75 today. families inntg1÷ israel have ben forced into shelters.. >> it's very scary. we can't go to school.y[.6 >> and air strikes are taking their toll on the ground in gaza. strikes destroyed buildings. the death toll reached 100. this mother lost her 2-year-old and 4-year-old in gaza city saying i'm in shock, i don't believe it. for the second day, israel hit palestinian information leader and wounding two children. >> people are desperate for pain medicine, for
4:39 pm
antibiotics.. >> barbara lubin is collecting money to buy medicine to take to the gaza strip. >> we've raised $35,000 online 2wple have sent us money online. >> she's been involved in supporting palestinians for 25 years and will be leaving for gaza in the first week, in december. >> people care. 2j are tired of whas been going on there. they want to see a resolution to this problem. and they want to help the children in gaza. >> tonight israel called up reservists and gathered tanks near the border in preparation forsqq.ñ a ground assault. leaders say they don't want a ground war but don't fear it. hardly sounding like language to cease fire, today in a briefing in washington, d.c., reporters were frustrated in efforts to get details. >> i don't think it's helpful from this podium for us to be
4:40 pm
getting into details we're not going to get into details of the diplomacy i am not going get into details of the ground situation here. >> she repeated that 11 times today before reporters got the message u.s. is not talking about the negotiations. here onmont romry they blocked off traffic. their permit to protest expires at 5:30. judging from friday, the protest breaks up quickly. at 5:30 tonight we expect it will be going. >> mark, thank you. >> water falls in yosemite national park flowing again after weekend storms dumped two inches of rain. take a look at the park service photos. this is the first time there has been a lot of fall like this. last year yosemite recorded
4:41 pm
one of the driest years on record. snow levels remain high but there is a chance of rain and snow throughout the week. >> beautiful pictures there. >> yes. i want to show you a gorgeous time lapse from this afternoon. these are clouds here, you probably enjoyed a great view. we have clouds thatxwfvú are include creasing. cool weather towards boston if you're traveling tomorrow, 50 degrees and rain moving in. looking at temperatures, 70s in fresno. 72 in los angeles, sunny, rain to the north. eureka, 60 degrees, here in the bay area, light showers that will continue into the night. then rain starting in the north bay as far as steady rain into afternoon.
4:42 pm
it's spreading in a slow fashion. so we'll see temperatures on the mild side. most areas into low to upper 60s for your tuesday but showers will be out of here by wednesday morning. so travel is looking great. thanksgiving looking better, dry conditions for the holiday. >> thank you. >> coming up there is a new push to make testing for aids virus common as cholesterol checks. >> nauty or nice? coming up a list of companies offering the best, and worst customer service.
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health experts want almost all of us to be tested for the aids virus. it's estimated one in five don't know they're infected. they're believed to transmit about 20,000 cases of the disease every year. now, u.s. preventative services task force recommending all people ages 15-65 be test forward aids and anyone wells increased risk factors. >> whoim work in bars, factories and casinos face a higher risk of breast cancer$y@,
4:46 pm
researchers compared a thousand women with breast cancer and found women working for so years who's are exposed had a 42% higher risk. secondhand smoke and night work were also linked to a higher risk of the disease. >> on to consumer news now, whether it's shoppin$q5ç or travel companies will be trying to earn your business this holiday season. >> some companies are nicer than others.. >> that is right. consumer reports out with a third naughty or nice list. this tichl of the year, whether madly shopping, traveling for holidays or looking for a good hotel, consumermgñ reports says some companies make life easier, others don't. that is why it's compiled a naughty and nice list.
4:47 pm
>> in cases it's looking to see if you like them or not based on how consumer friendly they are. >> nordstrom lands on a nice list, free shipping and returns on orders of every size, how about presidents you don't like? call khols hassle free policy online and in stores is something many don't offer. it applies all purchases and there are no time restrictions. and either company policies could leave you with a lump of coal. tiger direct has a laundry list of conditions you have to meet. if you don't... >> they can hit you with a restocking fee up to 25%. that is more than most other companies charge. >> delta offered me a chance
4:48 pm
for peace of mind to up great nearly triple that of my original fair. >> if your bag won't fit, it charges $100. however if you're looking for a place to stay, the hotels are nice indeed the extras aren't extra. >> included in the price, hot food in the morning and at night, along with fry wi-fi. consumer reports says home depot has a nice policy whit comes to major $ appliances and says it will haul away the old appliance after setting up a new one eliminating hassle. coming up at 5:00 making sure kids get hot ties on lists this season, what you need to shop for, and what you can
4:49 pm
safe for the last minute. that story and you coming up. >> looking forward for that. peninsula best known as the home of the carringtons is undergoing a transformation now it happens when the mansion gets decked out for a special viewing. >> abc 7 news is giving us a sneak peek before the opening. >> everything glitters being put into place. cutting trees for the right fit. holiday traditions has become a unique showcase. it's a 3600 square foot residents. built inform 1947 one estate of the early 20th century filled with antiques put into storage. for nine days there is entertainment, sales. >> so elegant. there is no venue like this for shopping.
4:50 pm
there is food and a big draw. >> there are themes for each room. they she heads across the country. each room becomes a visual feast. it's almost overwhelming. >> we want a wow factor. we want them to go wow. and then... to buy. >> 40% of the budget comes from holiday traditions. it's a historic site they'd made 150 wreaths using materials from properties here. of course, they are for sale. >> we try to look at the state so that, and this is out there sfafrs merchandise. >> the gardens are like
4:51 pm
classrooms. holiday traditions will be open throughout december 1. in woodside abc 7 news. >> it's a treat to be able to see it at this time of the year, all decked out. >> gorgeous. >> still ahead a bucket list turns into a good cause. >> a father and son's goal to watch a game at every stadium in the country turned into a mission to help veterans. >> free muni? or fix muni? does it have to be ei
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
that idea of allowing children to ride san francisco muni free has been debated for a couple years now. >> it comes up before lawmakers tomorrowk after another hearing today. and abc 7 news joins us live from city hall with more. carolyn? >> well, 40,000 kids would be
4:55 pm
eligible for those free rides and the board of directers will vote on that next month. but before that, supervisors now debating whether that is the best use of the new grant the transit agency just received. san francisco's muni has an age fleet. a retired transit operator says it's the oldest in the nation. and in desperate need of a makeover. >> focus is not being made safe. >> paul slade spoke today in favor of a a resolution by supervisor scott weiner believing that $6.7 million awarded by the commission should be spent for maintenance and service improvements. >> this spiral is going to be
4:56 pm
use in order purpose. >> there has been a strong push but activists to fund free muni for low income kids who ride buses to get to, and from, school. >> if these kids go to school they want an education, you know? they want to learn to do home work. they want to get to school in the morning. >> a monthly fast pass costs $22. a 120% increase since 2009. and at the same time, the old yellow school bus service is being dramatically cut. muni director proposed spending the bulk of the must money on maintenance for the system. >> we don't see if youooirçzçe or another. we believe we can do borjmen borjment -- both. >> the mayorqn;ya spokesperson tells me ed lee supports thextdi concept but wants that balance with the critical maintenance needs of the agency. live in san francisco city
4:57 pm
hall, abc 7 news. >> carolyn, thank you. >> a father and season bucket list turned into a quest to help veterans. they grabbed lunch today before the game in candle stick on a mission to see 32 stadiums this season and every stop. they're inviting wounded stret vet trans.. >> we can get as much as they do. we're seeing them smile. so... it's not just giving to them, they're giving back to us. s >> yesterday, the father and son invited others to the raiders game and hope to expand the idea, recruiting others.9çgcu >> neat idea. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. terror threat or artist? you're going to hear from the man who tried to take a
4:58 pm
sinister looking watch on a plane. >> cloud cover is increasing. when the next storm will arrive. >> sale of an american icon is on hold. an effort that could save jobs and keep twinkies on shelves. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings.. >> starting with information about a scare at oakland international airport. >> the transportation security administration thought an artist was carrying materials to make a bomb, you're going hear his side of the story right now. vick? >> well, that artist from southern california says that krofrlt item is an art piece. and he told us he showed to it a tsa inspector who told him it was fine to bring it as
4:59 pm
long as he put knit a bin and wasn't hiding it. this is what it looks like. the lawyer says it's art that the client designed. >> jeff created dozens of them, he says to nieces and nephews. >> the tsa and sheriff bomb squad thought it was something more sinister. >> a watch had on it a toggle switch. and a series of fuses. and wires pro truding from it. >> something else made them sus spishus. boots, which inskbrorkts discovered were stuffed with insoles.. >> shoes are uggs. talking about popular. they're uggs with lifts in them. that is not against the law. next thing i know, bomb squad. >> mccan arrested and booked in

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